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Canadian Potato Acreage 2011-2015

Canadian Potato Production 2013

Published on: 2013-11-22 3:13:00 PM
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Canadian Potato Production 2013 Source: Statistics Canada Bulletin 22-008-X Province Planted Acres Harvested Acres Yield Cwt./a Production Cwt. ...

Potato Business Summit

Published on: 2013-01-18 9:28:44 PM
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Potato Business Summit The United Potato Growers of Canada worked closely with The United Potato Growers of America and PMANA to develop a program agenda to discuss our issues of declining consumer demand and increased supply. Eight years ago, one could ask the following questions and not expect to receive much in the way of accurate information; what is the consumption of your product? What are your shipments? Which categories are selling for the best returns? Much has changed – ...